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To prevent insects inside rice, dhals
Tip Description
To prevent insects inside rice and dhals and to retain it for longer time put a few neem leaves. Rice and dhals stay fresh for longer time.
To prevent oil from spiling while deep frying
Tip Description
put a small piece of tamarind in the oil. Oil will not spill and also safe while deep frying
Making paratha for 2-3days
Tip Description
while prepairing the dough of paratha, add milk instead of water. your paratha remain fresh for 2-3 days.
To get nonsticky fine egg(boiled)
Tip Description
When boiling egg add some salt to get fine egg
Crispy dosa
Tip Description
to get crispy dosa add little suga to dosa batter.
Getting onions cook faster
Tip Description
if u want the onions u get brown quickly then just add salt to it while cooking.
To avoid sticking masala at the bottom of kad
Tip Description
to avoid sticking masala at the bottom of kadhai add some amount of salt in masala i can say that it will helps u
Instant Dhokla
Tip Description
when u make instant dhokla add some amount of citric acid or nimbu sat it will make tasty dhokla

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